Here at Kustom Tyres and Supplies we convert any black-wall tire into a colored sidewall to match the color of the vehicle. We offer a variety of different colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from. For existing whitewall tires we can enlarge them and/or make them brighter. Additionally, we customize tires by adding unique custom letterings of your choice such as a name, logo, slogan, etc. It can be done on any vehicle, motorcycle, bike or anything with tires.

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To deliver exceptional quality service, so much you spread your satisfaction level with friends and family. We offer opportunities to increase cash flow to aspiring new and existing businesses by selling machinery and materials which includes helpful training demos. 

liquid rubber material

Kustom Tyres and Supplies Coating is liquid rubber!
Rubber based, the coating is very flexible, Durable,Heat resistant it will not crack, nor will it peel or flake.

 We hold a standard range and can match almost any color you want! In fact from the standard stocked we can blend/mix mostly any color.